FC Westerville- End of Year Schedule & Weather Policy

Dec 22, 2022

 by Mitch Potterf

Happy Holidays Fit Club Westerville!

Below is a highlight of our end of year class schedule and winter weather cancelation policies


12/18th - "8 Crazy Nights" Join us for a partner WOD Hanukkah celebration at 9 AM

12/23rd - The 12 Days of Fit Club Christmas- All Classes Friday Partner up or go solo - If class is canceled due to Weather we will make it up Saturday at Team WOD

12/24th- Team WOD only

12/25th- Closed Christmas Day

12/26th- 9 AM & 4:30 PM Only- Gym is open all day

12/31st- Team WOD only- 7AM-3PM Open Gym

1/1/2023- New Years Day- 9 AM  Open Gym 8-2

1/2/2023- Open for Fitness

Weather Cancelation Policies

Level 1 Snow Emergency- We are open and running. 

Level 2 Snow Emergency- This is based on road safety for staff and members

Level 3- Snow Emergency- Gym is closed

How will I be notified if the gym is closed or class is canceled

  1. As soon as we decide to cancel class we will post it to the Social Group on Facebook
  2. About 5 minutes later we will send out an automated text alerting all members of the situation
  3. About 10 minutes later a email will be in your inbox

When/if we cancel classes we will start with the morning and assess all day and make a determination of evening classed as soon as possible. It looks like our first dose of winter is going to be pretty nasty one through the middle of the night Thursday/Friday. 

Stay safe, healthy and warm!