Open Prep Programming

Dec 3, 2022

 by Mitch Potterf

As we wind down 2022 and start 2023 we have a lot going on at the gym. Check out the dates and programs we have planned for you.

For the next couple months, We will be starting a new cycle of lifts and movements for your fitness pleasure (and physical displeasure). These are what you would think of as the “Strength/Skill” portion of class. We will also be doing some Open prep WODs/Training leading up to Big Dance in February. What can you expect? 


Heavy barbell work - power lifts and oly lifts (1-7 low rep sets, strength gains)

Accessory or hypertrophy work (corrective/bodybuilding work, build muscle)

Gymnastics circuits (bodyweight strength/endurance)

Though we all love the intense aspect of WODs, the truth is that we need to focus on lifting heavier (weights or YOU) and RESTING as well. We get stronger and more skilled often when we focus on our technique and performing lifts as best as we can, not for the sake of getting the best score/time we can. There is a time and place to dial the intensity up and down. A heavier or more challenging resistance builds our strength and requires us some amount of rest before attempting again. 

OPEN ’22

The Open comes around again this February 14th. Regardless if one is seeking a spot at the next level of CF competition or not, it is a great way to test your fitness and abilities on some challenging workouts. We will be running some seminars this winter to practice certain skills that will no doubt show up during the Open. Some of these movements may present strength barriers that will take some extra effort to achieve. BUT, several movements in CrossFit are skill based: they require focused practice to improve balance, agility, coordination, and yes, some baseline fitness is required! More info to come on these skill sessions. 

Open WODs also tend to repeat themselves, and many follow trends that have been established from a decade of Open competitions. We will be popping in some past Open workouts during the next few months, as well as FC originals that have a CF Open…mmm, je ne sais quoi! Be on the lookout 👀

Fun Event Dates


12/1-31st We're doing a toy drive downtown. Bring in a toy and assign 3 burpees to a coach

12/1-22nd We will be partnering with Next Level to collect foor for W.A.R.M

12/18th - "8 Crazy Nights" Join us for a partner WOD Hanukkah celebration at 9 AM

12/23rd - The 12 Days of Fit Club Christmas- All Classes Friday Partner up or go solo 

12/24th- Team WOD only

12/25th- Closed Christmas Day

12/31st- Team WOD only- 7AM-3PM Open Gym